Don't let an investor take all your equity

Thinking of Selling Your Paradise Hills Home, But Repairs Are a Hurdle?

Have you been thinking about selling your Paradise Hills home, but worried that its age or cosmetic condition might hold you back? Don’t let investors take advantage! We’ve all seen it happen  homes being bought for a steal because the owner couldn’t afford pre-sale repairs. Here’s the good news: you can avoid this when you work with me as your Paradise Hills realtor, you can unlock the full potential of your home.  Covering renovations like bathroom and kitchen remodels, or even a new roof if needed – all without any upfront costs from you! These improvements will showcase your home’s true value, attracting more buyers and maximizing your profit when you decide to sell. 

Before- Needed some work in Kitchen, Bathrooms and paint througnout
After- Kitchen refresh, Paint Throughout, Deep Cleaning. Sold above highest neighborhood sale 5x faster

Benefits of Updating

Here’s the good news: When you work with me, your Paradise Hills realtor, you can get the necessary repairs completed on your home without any upfront costs.

  1. Maximize Profits: Studies show that a fully remodeled house can sell for up to 25% more compared to selling to an investor. By doing the repairs upfront, you can  earn significantly more money for your cherished  home..
  2. Stress-Free Repairs: We manage the entire process, finding reliable contractors and overseeing the repairs. You can focus on reminiscing about the memories you made in your home and getting excited for your next chapter.
  3. Paradise Hills Expertise: With my deep understanding of the Paradise Hills market, I can ensure a strategic pricing approach to maximize your profit, even after factoring in repair costs.
  4. Faster Sale: By addressing repairs upfront, your home becomes more attractive to a wider pool of buyers, potentially leading to a quicker sale.

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