Ways to Increase Your Homes Value

Written by Mary Tall Broker- Associate

Five things you can do to increase your home value

Selling your home can be an overwhelming and stressful process. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to overlook the crucial step of preparing your home for sale. Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, or simply moving on to a new chapter in your life, taking the time to do some work before listing your home can make all the difference in attracting potential buyers and getting the best price for your property. 

Here are my Top 5 

Tip 1: Paint, Paint, Paint

One of the easiest, most cost-effective improvements that gives you the biggest bang for your buck is paint! Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated — and that spells out HUGE value. When selecting paint colors, keep in mind that neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people, therefore making your home more desirable. Freshly painted baseboards and trim can make such a world of difference. On average, a gallon of paint costs around $25, leaving you plenty of money to buy rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloths and brushes.



No question that sprucing up your curb appeal can add a huge impact ! Just keep in mind when shopping at your local garden center or nursery, make sure that you “think green.” Purchase plants that are native to our region or plants that are drought-tolerant; these require less water and maintenance, which means more savings to you and more green in your wallet.

Make a Great First Impression


Even the smallest bathroom updates is always a smart move when trying to increase your home value. Even if you can’t afford a full remodel, consider small changes like updated light fixtures, or new faucets. These small changes to help ensure your bathroom doesn’t look dated, will always give a large impact overall! After all, I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.”

Tip 4: KITCHEN UPDATES Speaking of kitchens, the same rules apply here! To maximize your home value, start by swapping out at least one item such as that old rusted faucet, or stained kitchen sink! Most people also prefer updated appliances that match. So if you’re that person with a white dishwasher, stainless steel microwave, and black oven ( I get it, that was me with my first home) But it may be time to consider your options and upgrade! You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a huge impact. Sometimes it can even mean just adding a nice backsplash to complete a high end look. Or adding pendant lights about your kitchen island to bring it from drab to fab! Even smallest kitchen updates will add big value to your home.

Tip 5: REPLACE WORN FLOORING Are you that person who has a different non-matching flooring in every single bedroom, hallway, living room and den? Time to upgrade! Sometimes bringing in one cohesive flooring not only updates the space to make it look more modern, but it can also make your home appear larger! One cohesive flooring throughout makes your home feels more open. You don’t have to break the bank and go with the most high end flooring out there. There are some great high end looking laminate, and luxury vinyl planks (LVP) that won’t break the bank!

Doing some work before you list your home for sale can add $1,000's to your bottom line

Selling your Home Faster!

Homes that are well-prepared for sale tend to sell faster than those that are not. When potential buyers see that a home has been well-maintained and cared for, they are more likely to be interested in making an offer. By doing some work before listing your home, you can help speed up the sale process and get your property sold quickly.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home and want some guidance on how to prepare it for sale, reach out to receive a complimentary consultation. With my  expert advice, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choices and setting yourself up for success in the competitive real estate market. 

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